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Law, Crime & History


Law Crime and History (2011) vol.1 issue2 



David Cox, ‘The Wolves let loose at Wolverhampton’: A study of the South Staffordshire Election ‘Riots’, May 1835' 1-31

Iain Channing, 'Freedom of Expression from the ‘Age of Extremes’ to the ‘Age of Terror’: Reflections on Public Order Law and the Legal Responses to Political and Religious Extremism in 1930s Britain and the Post 9/11 32-57

Chris Monaghan, In Defence of Intrinsic Human Rights: Edmund Burke’s Controversial Prosecution of Warren Hastings, Governor-General of Bengal 58-107

Lisa Denmark, Worshipping Bacchus: Prohibition in Savannah, 1899-1922 109-140

James Windle
, Ominous Parallels and Optimistic Differences: Opium in China and Afghanistan 141-164

Haia Shpayer-Makov, Revisiting the Detective Figure in Late Victorian and Edwardian Fiction: A View from the Perspective of Police History 165-193

Conference Reports

SOLON 2nd International War Crimes Conference, 3-5 March 2011:

Judith Rowbotham, Lorie Charlesworth, Michael Kandiah, Justice? – Whose Justice? Punishment, Mediation or Reconciliation?’ 194-214

Maya Mounayer-Rigby, Justice? – Whose Justice? 215-223

Rebecca Blackwell, Are we Perfectible? 224-227

SOLON Members’ Research Interests and Postgraduate Research
Arlie Loughnan, ‘Manifest Madness’: Mental Incapacity in Criminal Law 228-231
Tom Keene Open Files and Hidden Secrets: A Re-Evaluation of the Special Operations Executive in Western Europe 1940-1942 232-237




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