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Law, Crime and History is a freely available online open access journal (previously SOLON's online journal was entitled Crimes and Misdemeanours, appearing between 2007 and 2010). Law, Crime and History  recognises that  global public consciousness in the law and its impact on daily lives has reached unprecedented levels.  It will appeal not just to academics but also to policy makers, practitioners, and an interested lay readership. This journal seeks to publish material of interest to both the specialist and the non specialist in law, crime and history. It aims to reflect, both in content and in the profile of individuals who write for it, our desire to promote a more global comprehension of the various issues and strategies intrinsic to the study of law, crime and criminal procedure.

Since 2007, the SOLON on-line journal has published the work of academic lawyers, criminologists, and historians; it seeks to encourage contributions from sociologists, political scientists, literary scholars and psychologists. We also actively welcome, and have published, submissions from practitioners and those engaged in the delivery of services and responses to law, crime and offensive/anti-social behaviour. Although these disciplines have their own individual insights which the Journal seeks to reflect, our track record shows the importance of an outlet for cutting edge interdisciplinary or cross-disciplinary publications.
Ever mindful of the growth of this area and the duty the Journal owes to scholarship and professional practice, this journal especially wants to encourage the work of young scholars either still engaged in doctoral work or beyond, and also of young practitioners seeking to challenge established traditions. Thus, alongside refereed articles, there is the opportunity to publish work in progress or to showcase the introductions and conclusions of recently completed PhDs.

While clearly accepting new and challenging work from within the disciplines mentioned, we have a particular interest in articles, debate pieces and other formats which are multi-disciplinary and cross disciplinary/practice boundaries and we do also encourage a historical consciousness or methodology - something which can be discussed with the editors.
Law, Crime and History also publishes conference reports (and not just on SOLON conferences: we welcome reports from other conferences in areas of interest to SOLON members). The Debate Forum forms a key part of the Journal. In terms of article and related submissions, we are happy to accept both longer and shorter pieces (around 5,000 – especially for practice-based articles – and up to 16,000 for sustained explorations of a topic).

Volume 8, Issue 1 2018

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Copyright in all contributions accepted for publication will remain with the authors who are free to re-use their own material. However, if all or any part of published material is reproduced elsewhere, the author should acknowledge Law, Crime & History as the original place of publication.

Digital Archiving and Deposit Policy: Journal issues are archived at the British Library and there are licensing agreements with EBESCO and Gale Publishing


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