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Comparative perspectives on regulating age of consent and child-marriage in the British Empire, 1880 to 1930

Date: 15 June 2018 Location: SOAS University of London

Themes of the conference include but are not limited to: • Notions of consent – physical and/or intellectual • Age of consent campaigns and national movements • Religion / class / region based perspectives on consent • Comparative or regional studies on age of consent/marriage • Age of consent for males • Consent, female body, and nationalism/imperialism

This is a call for proposals for a one-day interdisciplinary conference which aims to explore the debates that led to the reform of age of consent laws around the British Empire during the years 1880 to 1930. The conference is particularly interested in exploring the issues of age of consent and child marriage through interdisciplinary and comparative perspectives in law and history. Intertwined within these debates are notions of gender, women’s rights, biology, and attempts to understand the native psyche. These compete with tropes of cultural relativism, orientalism, the female victim, and the white man’s burden amongst other concerns. For the purpose of this conference, consent is interpreted widely to include physical and intellectual consent to sexual activities as well as marriage. The conference aims to bring together the growing number of scholars who are currently working on the histories of age of consent in the British Empire. Recognising that the development and history of the age of consent debate is transnational, international, and multi-layered one, the conference is conceived of as a starting point for forming an international network of scholars working in the area.

Bursaries might be available for PG students. Please send 300-word abstract with a short bio to The deadline is 08 January 2018. Organisers: Dr Kanika Sharma (SOAS) and Dr Laura Lammasniemi (Anglia Ruskin University)



Digital Panopticon:
Tracing London Convicts in Britain and Australia

This three day conference marked the completion of a four year project funded by the AHRC: The Digital Panopticon: The global impact of London punishments 1780-1925.

Congratulations to all involved in organising the conference at Liverpool this September and launching the Digital Panopticon Website which has already proved to be a really valuable, fascinating and rich resource for all crime historians – it was great to see so many SOLON members there as well.

If you haven’t visited the site go to….

Digital Panopticon

for further information contact


SOLON Routledge: Explorations in Crime and Criminal Justice Histories

New Routledge SOLON titles published:

Alison Adam, A History of Forensic Science (2015)
David J Cox, Kim Stevenson, Candida Harris, Judith Rowbotham ‘A Serious and Growing Evil’ Public and Private Indecency in England 1857-1960 (2015)
Iain Channing, The Police and the Expansion of Public Order law (2015)
Vicky Conway, Policing 20th Century Ireland; A History of An Garda Siochana (2014)
Sarah Wilson, The Origins of Modern Financial Crime: Historical foundations and current problems in Britain (2014)
Lizzie Seal, Capital Punishment in Twentieth-Century Britain: Audience, Justice, Memory (2014)
Vivien Miller and James Campbell, New perspectives on discipline, punishment and desistance (2014)

Routledge publishers in conjunction with the SOLON network launched this new research series in summer 2012. The aim of the series is to publish the very best in current research in the history of crime and criminal justice including legal and criminological perspectives with an academic readership in mind. Broad surveys rather than specific studies would be preferred. We would be happy to see proposals for monographs (including PhDs) and edited collections and are keen to welcome a broad and international selection of academics as authors and editors for books in the series. We hope to break new ground in research as well as offering fresh perspectives. If you have any ideas for outline proposals or general expressions of interest/ideas please contact either Kim Stevenson or the commissioning editor for Criminology at Routledge, Tom Sutton .


SOLON is delighted to promote and support two exciting AHRC funded network projects:

Our Criminal Past Academic and user network that will explore and reflect on the development and future presentation, preservation and dissemination of historical criminal lives and practices.
See Special Issue of Law Crime & History Spring 2015

Translating Penal Cultures interdisciplinary research network of UK-based and overseas scholars working on institutions of confinement, practices of crime control, and penal cultures.
Now published edited volume: Vivien Miller and James Campbell, New perspectives on discipline, punishment and desistance (2014)



SOLON is a consortium of academics and professionals/practitioners based in a partnership between the Universities of Nottingham Trent, Oxford Brookes, Plymouth, Liverpool John Moores, the West of England and Liverpool Hope (listed in order of joining). SOLON has links to the Institute of Advanced Legal Studies (IALS) and Centre for Contemporary British History (CCBH), in the School of Advanced Studies, University of London, as well as to Rainer’s Communities That Care, and with a number of other universities, networks and centres interested in the themes of law, crime and history. SOLON has a network of over 350 members: academics, practitioners and students across a broad range of subjects and representing universities and institutions worldwide. The consortium also works in association with the NCCL Galleries of Justice, the nation’s Museum of Law, based in Nottingham and a holder of important archive resources for the history of law, crime and punishment (including the national Prison Service Collection). Managed by a Board of Directors drawn from the partner institutions, SOLON aims to bring together academics and practitioners across boundaries of disciplines and experience through its website, its conference series such as Experiencing the Law, plus occasional events such as seminars. It has sponsored a number of publications, notably its associated online Journal Law, Crime and History (formerly Crimes and Misdemeanours: Deviance and the Law in Historical Perspective)

SOLON represents an innovative form of cross-disciplinary academic-professional Partnership, which provides a focus for interdisciplinary research and application of that research to a range of issues and problems, past and present. SOLON’s original remit and strap line was Interdisciplinary Studies in Crime, Bad Behaviour and Deviance in Historical Perspective but because of the wider interest generated by the project in historico-legal research more generally  the project seeks to enable and promote wide-ranging interdisciplinary research on the themes of Law, Crime and History.

SOLON promotes consciousness of the reality that there are fluid boundaries, changing over time in different societies, between the merely offensive and offences in the legal sense. This project seeks to enable and promote wide-ranging interdisciplinary research which will explore factors producing both change and continuities in attitudes towards such conduct, especially through use of the concept of social panics and resultant moral outrage, frequently publicly expressed and disseminated through media forms.

SOLON aims to place conclusions and solutions arising from its work in the public domain, through this website, through conferences, seminars and public lectures, as well as publications and other forms of popular dissemination.

SOLON is the acronym chosen for this major interdisciplinary and practitioner project. Solon, one of the Seven Wise Men of Athens, was a noted legal reformer.

SOLON = Society, Order, Law, Offences, Notoriety

DIRECTORS: The current SOLON Board of Directors consists of the two founder members, Dr Judith Rowbotham (Plymouth) and Prof. Kim Stevenson (now University of Plymouth), plus Prof. David Nash (OBU), Prof. Anne Marie Kilday (OBU), Dr Katherine Watson (OBU), Dr Daniel Grey (Plymouth); Dr Samantha Pegg (NTU); Dr Lorie Charlesworth (LJMU), Dr. Mary Young (UWE), Prof. George Mair (LHU) and Dr David Cox (Wolves). Dr Shani D’Cruze (formerly MMU, Honorary Fellow, Keele) is an Emeritus Member of the Board in the light of her role as Director of the Feminist Crime Research Network) The Board’s disciplinary expertise brings together the core SOLON disciplines of Law and History, and also links in criminology and sociology

Membership Secretary: Dr Iain Channing (Plymouth) - Register as a SOLON Network Member

Associate networks and centres:

SOLON is delighted to announce a new collaborative partnership with WACPS West Africa Centre for Peace Studies, based in Accra, Ghana to engage in joint and common projects and the exchange of ideas for the promotion and advancement of of democracy, good governance, peace and development in Africa and more widely.

SOLON hosts the webpages for the Feminist Crime Research Network (Director: Shani D’Cruze; Steering Group Members: Dr Louise Jackson (Edinburgh), Dr Judith Rowbotham; Dr Kim Stevenson). Focusing on crime and gender in the twentieth century, FRCN organised an ESRC-funded seminar series on this theme between 2002 and 2004.

SOLON Activities:
SOLON organises and hosts national and international conferences and seminars on a range of interdisciplinary themes associated with bad behaviour and crime, some with its associate networks, as well as developing funding bids for a range of projects, such as the cataloguing of the national Prison Service Collection Archive with the Galleries of Justice. It regularly arranges for the publication of papers given at SOLON-sponsored conferences, either in edited volumes or in special journal issues. SOLON maintains an active website (currently hosted by the University of Plymouth), which includes the SOLON Database of Victorian Crime Reporting, which is constantly being expanded.
Details of SOLON conferences are publicised on the SOLON website, which also provides access to a wide range of information about current and future events and resources connected with Crime and Bad Behaviour.

SOLON also encourages postgraduate research across interdisciplinary boundaries and seeks to promote opportunities for PHD work

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