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Law, Crime & History


Law, Crime and History Volume 6 Issue 1 (2016)



Simon Devereaux, ‘The Bloodiest Code: Counting Executions and Pardons at the Old Bailey, 1730-1837’, 1-36
Data Spreadsheet

Sarah Ailwood, 'The True State of My Case': The Memoirs of Mrs Anne Bailey’, 1771’, 37-58

Christine Kelly,
‘Continuity and Change in the History of Scottish Juvenile Justice’, 59-82

Discussion Paper

Robert S Shiels, 'The Scottish Criminal Trial and Judicial Intervention in a Public Controversy’, 83-102

Book Reviews

Lindsay Farmer, ‘Police Courts in Nineteenth-Century Scotland’, 103-105

Holly Williams, ‘Female Serial Killers in Social Context: Criminological Institutionalism and the Case of Mary Ann Cotton’, 106-108

John Walliss,
‘Crime, Policing and Punishment in England’, 109 -110

Judith Rowbotham, ‘Domestic Murder in Nineteenth Century England: Literary and Cultural’, 111-115

Conference Report

Dvora Liberman, 'Experiencing the Law, 7th Annual Conference, Asylum Seekers, Migrants, Refugees and the Challenge of Human Rights’, 116-119

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