Post Graduate Research

SOLON supported PHDs and Post Graduate Research

Jane Abbott, Nottingham Trent University, Contemporary Analogies, Victorian Parallels; Juvenile Delinquency  - Causation, Continuity and Change in the periods 1840-1880 and 1980-2000 Completed November 2004

Samantha Pegg, Nottingham Trent University Child Murder and its Public representations: Legal and Cultural Issues submission 2007

David Moore, University of Plymouth, Parliament Act 1911 – Constitutional Treason or Democratic Inevitability? commenced January 2007

Henry Yeomans, University of Plymouth ESRC funded, Intoxicating Measures and Abstinence Agendas: Popular Attitudes Towards Alcohol and their SocioLegal Contextualizations: Victorian and Modern Parallels commencing 2007

Kate Gleeson , PhD from the University of New South Wales, awarded British Council Chevening Scholarship to undertake research with SOLON directors at Nottingham Trent University 2004, Justice Stephen and the Case of Clarence


Current and Related Opportunities for PHD study

Leeds Metropolitan University is offering a PhD Studentship in History as part of its Centenary Studentship scheme.

Proposals should be in the area of:Gender and / or Sexuality in Twentieth-Century British History

The history team within the School of Cultural Studies has particular research strengths in gender history, crime and youth, Britishness and Empire, and project proposals should address one or more of these themes. (The project could cover a wider period (e.g. the nineteenth century) and explore further themes in gender and/ or sexuality, depending on supervisory availability).

For further details and how to apply please go to the Leeds met website: Click on "Communication, Culture and Media" to get to the History advertisement. The value of the studentship is £12,300 p.a. and the closing date is 7 June 2007.



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