ISSN 2045-9238

Law, Crime & History


Law, Crime and History Volume 5 Issue 2 (2015)



Alan Cusack, ‘From Exculpatory to Inculpatory Justice: A History of Due Process in the Adversarial Trial’, 1-28

Robert S Shiels, The Crown Practice of Precognition in Mid-Victorian Scotland’, 29-43

Iyabode Ogunniran,
‘A Centurial Legal History of Child Justice Reforms in Nigeria 1914-2014’, 44-68

Fiona Tate, ‘Impunity, Peacekeepers, Gender and Sexual Violence in Post-conflict Landscapes: A Challenge for the International Human Rights Agenda’, 69-96

Current Research

Iain Channing, Kim Stevenson and Judith Rowbotham, Everyday Offending in Plymouth 1880-1920, 97-106

Book Reviews

Colin R Moore, ‘Soldier, Sailor, Beggarman, Thief: Crime and the British Armed Services since 1914’, 107-110

John Walliss, ‘Land of White Gloves: A History of Crime and Punishment in Wales’, 111-112

Iain Channing,
‘Anti-Social Behaviour in Britain: Victorian and Contemporary Perspectives’, 113-15

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