ISSN 2045-9238

Law, Crime & History


Law, Crime and History Volume 4 Issue 1 (2014)


Henry Yeomans, Teaching and Learning in Crime and Criminal Justice History: An Overview, 1-14

Michael Conforti, Reflections on Teaching the History of Early Modern European Law, Crime, and Punishment to Undergraduates, 15-35

Kim Stevenson, Outrageous Violations: Enabling Students to Interpret Nineteenth Century Newspaper Reports of Sexual Assault and Rape, 36-61

Rosalind Watkiss Singleton, ‘Crime? No, It Wasn’t Really Crime’: Using Oral History and Memoirs to Teach Crime History, 62-82

Lesley Skousen, The Benefits of Mercy: Teaching Law and Exception in the Inquiry-Based Classroom, 83-103

Discussion Paper

Drew Gray, Putting Undergraduates on Trial: Using The Old Bailey Online as a Teaching and Assessment Tool, 104-113

Book Reviews

Adrian Bingham
, Crime News in Modern Britain: Press Reporting and Responsibility, 1820-1910, 114-116, 126-128

Conference Reports

Jo Turner, Third AHRC Network Event, Our Criminal Past: Representing Penal Histories: Displaying and Narrating the Criminal Past, 31 January 2014, 117-127

Tim Moore and Lloyd Price, Transnational Responses to Child Sexual Abuse since 1880: Britain and the Wider World Workshop, 12 April 2014, 128-131


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