ISSN 2045-9238

Law, Crime & History


Law Crime and History Volume 3 Issue 3 (2013)



Gary Wilson and Sarah Wilson
, Criminal Responses and Financial Misconduct in Twenty-first Century Britain: tradition and points of departure, and the significance of the conscious past, 1-24

Lizzie Seal, Violet Van Der Elst’s Use of Spectacle and Militancy in her Campaign Against the Death Penalty in England, 25-41

Discussion Paper

Michael Gray-Fow
, Assassination Before Assassins, 42-65

Work in Progress

Jacky Bryon
, The Uniqueness of Torquay: Government and Anti-Social Behaviour in the Early Nineteenth Century, 66-90

Book Reviews

David Cox, Julie Peakman, ‘The Pleasure’s All Mine’: A History of Perverse Sex, 91-93

Daniel Grey, Elaine Farrell, ‘A most diabolical deed’: Infanticide and Irish society, 1850-1900, 94-95

Melanie Reynolds, Lucy Bland, Modern Women on Trial, 96-101

Conference Reports

Fiona Tate, International Legal Gaps in the Protection of Women from Violence, 102-104


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