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Law, Crime & History


Law Crime and History (2013) vol.3 Issue 2


General Articles

Joseph S. Bonica
, The Unmanly Fear: Extortion Before the Twentieth Century, 1-29

John Walliss, Representations of Justice Executed at Norwich Castle: A Comparative Analysis of Execution Reports in The Norfolk Chronicle and Bury and Norwich Post, 1805-1867, 30-51

War Crimes Related Articles

Lorie Charlesworth
, On the Dangerous Game of Collaborating with Nazis: An Historico-Socio-Legal Reconstruction of that Forgotten Past Located within Silence, Absence and [Dis]Connections between Law’s History and Critical Legal Scholarship, 52-81

McKay M. Smith, Bearing Silent Witness: A Grandfather's Secret Attestation to German War Crimes in Occupied France, 82-115

G. H. Bennett, The Limits of West German Justice in the 1960s: The Post-War Investigation of Walter Gieseke (Oberstleutnant of the Gendarmerie and SS), 116-139

Gregory Kent, Justice and Genocide in Bosnia: An Unbridgeable Gap Between Academe and Law? 140-161

Discussion Piece

Ian Marsh
, The Media Representation of Prisons: Boot Camps or Holiday Camps, 162-172


Genevieve Lennon, Vagrancy Laws in the US and Irish Supreme Courts, 173-179

Thesis Summary

Leah Bleakley, ‘Those Unfortunates’: Victorian Prostitution, Local Communities And The Law 1850-1890, 180-182

Book Reviews

John Carter Wood, Judith Rowbotham, Marianna Muravyeva and David Nash, (eds,) Shame, Blame and Culpability: Crime and Violence in the Modern State, 183-186

Dean Wilson, Barry Godfrey and David J. Cox, Policing the Factory: Theft, Private Policing and the Law in Modern England, 187-189

Judith Rowbotham, Denis Grube, The Margins of Victorian Britain. Politics, Immorality and Britishness in the Nineteenth Century, London, 190-192

Tony Ward, John Carter Wood (2012) “The Most Remarkable Woman in England”: Poison, Celebrity and the Trials of Beatrice Pace, 193-194

Conference Report

Jo Turner, First AHRC Network Event, Our Criminal Past: Digitisation, Social Media and Crime History, 17 May 2013, 195-198

Jo Turner, Second AHRC Network Event, Our Criminal Past: Educating Historians of Crime: Classroom, Archive, Community, 6 September 2013, 199-204

SOLON New Members: Roddy Nilsson, Linnæus University, Växjö and Gothenburg University, Sweden, 205


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