ISSN 2045-9238

Law, Crime & History


Law Crime and History (2013) vol.3 Issue 1


Debate Forum

Ann Lyon, A History Lesson for David Cameron, 1-15


Kiron Reid
, Letting Down the Drawbridge: Restoration of the Right to Protest At Parliament, 16-51

Paul Jennings, Policing Public Houses in Victorian England, 52-75

Samantha Pegg, Sweet Fanny Adams and Sarah’s Law: The Creation of Rhetorical Shorthand in the Print Press, 76-96

Conference Reports

Kim Stevenson
, Experiencing the law, Access to Justice, SOLON, Institute of Advanced legal Studies, 97-99
(27-29 September 2010, University of Keele) 108-113

Thomas Smith, The Law Society’s Criminal law Conference ‘Fighting for Justice’, 4 May 2012 Chancery Lane, 100-106

Zoe Alker and Leah Bleakley, Modern Activism Conference Report, 107-125

Book Reviews

David J. Cox
, Nicola Goc (2013) Women, Infanticide and the Press, 1822-1922: news narratives in England and Australia, 126-128

SOLON Members’ Research Interests

Sahana Dharmapuri, New Approaches to Security: UN Security Council Resolution 1325, Sex, and World Peace, 129-133

John Walliss, Apocalyptic Texts, Themes and Motifs in Popular Culture, 134-135

Manon Van Der Heijden, Research Project: Crime and Gender 1600-1900: A Comparative Perspective, 136-141


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