ISSN 2045-9238

Law, Crime & History


Law Crime and History (2012) vol.1 issue1 



Tom Smith
, Zealous Advocates: The Historical Foundations of the Adversarial Criminal Defence Lawyer, 1-20

Vicky Holmes, Absent Fireguards and Burnt Children: Coroners and the Development of Clause 15 of the Children Act 1908, 21-58

Stefan Slater, Street Disorder in the Metropolis, 1905-39, 59-91

Conference Reports

Judith Rowbotham
, British Legal History Society Conference, 13-16 July 2011 Cambridge, 92-94
(27-29 September 2010, University of Keele) 108-113

Judith Rowbotham, Annual Society of Legal Scholars Conference, Legal History Stream, 5-8 September 2011 Cambridge, 95-98

Lorie Charlesworth and Judith Rowbotham, Crime, Violence and the Modern State III, 8-10 September 2011 Lyon, 99-104

Book Reviews

Lizzie Seal
, James Gregory (2011) Victorians Against the Gallows 105-107

Georgios A. Antonopoulos, Danzig Baldaev (2010) Drawings from the Gulag 108-109

SOLON Membersí Research Interests and Postgraduate Research 125-133
ChloŽ Kennedy, Guilty as Sin: A Scots National Heritage? 110-112


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