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SOLON represents the innovative Partnership created between The Nottingham Trent University and the Museum of Law, known popularly as the Galleries of Justice. Based at these two Nottingham-located institutions, SOLON provides a focus for interdisciplinary research and application of that research to a range of issues and problems, past and present, in the fields of ‘bad’ behaviour and socially visible 'crime'.
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Feminist Perspectives on Law

The aim of this project is to identify key publications for use by those academics and students interested in studying law from a feminist perspective.


The Social History Society

The society was founded in 1976 to encourage the study of the history of society and cultures by teaching, research, publication and other appropriate means. The society is based in the UK but is concerned with social history internationally and it all its broadest forms.



The UK's leading organisation campaigning for equality between women and men. Fawcett has been promoting women's rights since 1866. Millicent Fawcett and the suffragists helped win the vote for women.


The Galleries of Justice

Museum of Law and home of the National Centre for Citizenship and the Law. The museum also houses an impressive archive including the Rainer Collection which not only charts the development of the probation service but also provides insight into the philanthropic work of several reformatory and charitable institutions from the 1820s - 1900s including The London Female Preventative and Reformatory Institution and the Midnight Meeting Movement.


Girls and Violence

This website seeks to explore girls' views and experiences of violence, both as observers, victims and/or perpetrators. In doing so it examines the extent to which girls are involved in violence, the types and forms of violence in which they engage, and how these may differ across locales, settings and contexts. It also considers the social, situational, individual and experiential factors that affect girls' decisions to act violently (and avoid or desist from violence).


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